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Year 2015

Lyman Woodard Trio, "Live At The 1996 Ford Montreux Detroit Jazz Festival" Uuquipleu Records 21512

Lyman Woodard Organization, "Dedicacion" Uuquipleu Records 21511

Lyman Woodard Organization, "Don't Stop The Groove" Uuquipleu Records 21510

Lyman Woodard Organization, "Saturday Night Special" Uuquipleu Records 21509

Lyman Woodard, "Lost, Found, & Released" Uuquipleu Records 21508

Dr. Prof. Leonard King, "3 Scoops Under One Umbrella" Uuquipleu Records 21506/21507


Year 2014

Dr. Prof. Leonard King Orchestra "Oopapada Expanded" Uuquipleu Records 21504/21505

Year 2013

“Dr. Prof Leonard King Plays The Music Of Paul Abler (with one exception)”
Uuquipleu Records 21503

Dr. Prof. Leonard King & Larry Price, “Out From Behind Enemy Lines” (2 CD Set)
Uuquipleu Records51501/21502

Year 2012

Dr. Prof. Leonard King Orchestra, Uuquipleu Records 21500

Proportioned Orchestra featuring Dr. Prof. Leonard King, Rodney Whitaker, & Hubie Crawford, Uuquipleu Records 21498/21499 (2 CD Set)

Visger Road Drum Band, Uuquipleu Records 21497

Dr. Prof. Leonard King, “Stroni: What Everybody Else?”, Uuquipleu Records 21496

Strata Nova, Uuquipleu Records 21494/21495 (2 CD Set)

Leonard King and the Soul Messengers, Uuquipleu Records 21493-1/21493-2 (2 CD Set)

Year 2011

Lyman Woodard Organization Orchestra, Uuquipleu Records 21491/21492 (2-CD set)

John Douglas-trumpet; Steve Hunter-trombone; Keith Kaminski-soprano, alto, & soprano saxophones; Johnny Evans-soprano & tenor saxophones; Mark Kieme-flute, tenor saxophone, & bass clarinet; Rick Steiger-baritone saxophone; Robert Tye & Ron English-guitar; Chris Codish & Gerard Gibbs-organ & keyboard; James Simonson-bass; Dr. Prof. Leonard King-drums & vocal; Diego Melendez-bongo drums; Jerry LeDuff-conga drums & percussion. Recorded live at the International Institute of Metropolitan Detroit (Michgan), March 3, 2010.

Year 2009

Dr. Prof. Leonard King & Gerard Gibbs, "More Extensions" Uuquipleu Records 21488

King-drums & vocals; Gibbs-organ. Recorded April 28, 2009 at the White Room Studio, Detroit, Michigan.

Oopapada featuring Dr. Prof. Leonard King, Robert Tye, & Chris Codish, "Studio/Live and Such" Uuquipleu Records 21489/21490 (DVD + CD)

King-drums & vocals; Tye-guitar; Codish-organ. DVD recordings: Jazz 'N' Jams Records, Southfield, Michigan, September 30, 2003; WTVS-TV, Detroit, Michigan, November 1, 2000; & Southfield Cablevision, Southfield, Michigan, Studio 15 TV program, December 18, 1998. CD recorded at WDET-FM Radio studios, Detroit, Michigan, August 16, 2000.

Year 2008

Southpaw Isle Steelband Live in Concert featuring Dr. Prof. Leonard King, "The Music of Astor Piazzolla Live Plus 5", Jumbie Records JMB0009. Recorded live at Oakland University (Varner Hall), Rochester Michigan, October 6, 2007 & The University of Evansville (Victory Theatre), Evansville, Indiana, February 26, 2008.

Leslie-Anne Graham-lead pan; Mark Stone-double second pans; Marie Kujenga-cello pans; Issa Sall-bass pans; Dr. Prof. Leonard King-drum set & vocal; Miguel Gutierrez-percussion

The Lyman Woodard Organization, "Live At J.J.'s Lounge 1974", Uuquipleu Records 21486

Lyman Woodard-organ; Leonard King-drums; Ron English-guitar; Norma Bell-alto saxophone; Lorenzo Brown-bongos, timbales, & percussion; Sundiata-conga drums. Recorded live at J.J.'s Lounge (Shelby Hotel), Detroit, Michigan, October 12, 1974.

The Lyman Woodard Trio, "74/93 Live--At Last!!", Uuquipleu Records 21487

Lyman Woodard-organ; Ron English-guitar; Leonard King-drums. Recorded live at J.J.'s Lounge (Shelby Hotel), Detroit, Michigan, April 26 & 27, 1974 and Sully's Roadhouse, Dearborn, Michigan, July 10, 1993.

Year 2007

"Only Cowboys Stay In Tune : The Music of Jimi Hendrix" featuring Paul Abler-guitar, Marion Hayden-bass, Bill Higgins, Jr.-drums; Dave McMurray-soprano saxophone; Leonard King-drums; Frank Theroux-electric bass; John Douglas-trumpet & William Evans-organ; Bossa Nova Music, BSNM-11

Ron English & The Psalm 150 Ensemble, "Devotion", Detroit Radio Records Co., DRCR-011

Ron English-guitar; Leonard King-drums; Marion Hayden-bass; Rick Roe-piano; Dennis Lee-alto saxophone; voices (Rivonne Collins-soprano; Virginia Anderson-alto; Ashton Moore-tenor; & Robert Parks-bass). Recorded at Willray Studios, Detroit, Michigan.

Year 2005

James Carter Organ Trio, "Out of Nowhere", Half Note Records, HN 4520

James Carter-soprano, tenor, and baritone saxophones; Leonard King-drums; Gerard Gibbs-organ; James "Blood" Ulmer-guitar, & Hamiet Bluiett-baritone saxophone. Recorded live at the Blue Note, New York City, New York, May 6&7, 2004.

Dr. Prof. Leonard King, "Extending The Language", Uuquipleu Records 21485

Dr. Prof. Leonard King-drums; James Carter-tenor & baritone saxophones; Gerard Gibbs-organ. Recorded at Thrilla Park Recording Labratory, Clawson, Michigan, January 3, 2005.

Year 2004

James Carter
"Live At Baker's Keyboard Lounge"
Warner Brothers 48449-2

James Carter-soprano, tenor, & baritone saxophones; Franz Jackson, David Murray, & Johnny Griffin-tenor saxophones; Dwight Adams-trumpet; Larry Smith-alto saxophone; Kenn Cox-piano; Gerard Gibbs-organ; Ralphe Armstrong-bass; Leonard King-drums. Recorded live in Detroit, Michigan, June 14-16, 2001.



Year 2002

Oopapada featuring Dr. Prof. Leonard King "Big Farenheit in Detroit" Uuquipleu Records 21483/21484

Dr. Prof. Leonard King-drums & vocals; Robert Tye-guitar; Chris Codish-organ; Kevin Carter-guitar (on Gimme My Room Back). Recorded at Roscoe's Recording, Detroit, Michigan, August 7-9, 2001.

Ange Smith "Hope In The Dark" Word And World Records. Recorded at Willray Studios, Detroit, Michigan

Florian Keller Presents: Creative Musicians(a compilation featuring various artists from 1963-73, including "The Barracuda" by Leonard King & Soul Messengers, and "Creative Musicians" featuring The Lyman Woodard Organization. Perfect Toy Records PT 001.CD


Year 2001

Oopapada featuring Dr. Prof. Leonard King, "Zug Island Style" Uuquipleu Records 21482.

Dr. Prof. Leonard King-drums & vocals; Robert Tye-guitar; Chris Codish-organ. Recorded at Roscoe's Recording, Detroit, Michigan, May 28, 2000, July 29, 1997, January 15&16, 1996.

Oopapada featuring Dr. Prof. Leonard King, "We're Household Names Today, Baby", Uuquipleu Records 21481.

King-drums & vocals; Tye-guitar; Codish-organ. Recorded at Roscoe's Recording, Detroit, Michigan, May 28, 2000, July 29, 1997, & January 15&16, 1996.

Year 2000

Oopapada featuring Dr. Prof. Leonard King, " Non Yawn Varieties", Uuquipleu Records 21480.

King-drums & vocals; Tye-guitar; Codish-organ. Recorded at Roscoe's Recording, Detroit, Michigan, November 2, 1977, April 21/March 26/January 15&16, 1996.

Year 1998

James Carter, "In Carterian Fashion", Atlantic Records 830822.

James Carter-soprano & tenor saxophones, bass clarinet; Leonard King-drums; Kevin Carter-guitar; Henry Butler-organ; Dwight Adams-trumpet; Cassius Richmond-alto saxophone. Recorded at Avatar Studios, New York City, New York, October 24&25, 1997.

Pamela Wise and The Afro Cuban Project, Wenha Video WV321.

Pamela Wise-piano & percussion; Wendell Harrison-clarinet, tenor saxophone; Leonard King-drums & vocals; Duke Billingslea-bass; Mahindi Masai & Akunda Hollis-congas & percussion. Recorded at the Southfield Civic Center, Southfield, Michigan (Studio 15 TV program), September 23, 1998.

Year 1997

Rodney Whitaker "Hidden Kingdom" DIW Records 929

Rodney Whitaker-bass; Gerald Cleaver-drums; Ron Blake-tenor saxophone; Dwight Adams-trumpet; Cassius Richmond-alto saxophone; Peter Martin-piano; Leonard King-voice. Recorded at Power Station Studios, New York, N.Y., September 15, 1996

Lyman Woodard Trio "Live at the 1996-Detroit International Jazz Festival"
Corridor Records LWCD 1773-2

Lyman Woodard-organ; Leonard King-drums & vocals; Robert Tye-guitar. Recorded September 2, 1996 on the Pyramid Stage, Hart Plaza.

Year 1994

James Glass
"The Cutting Edge" No Cover Prod. James Glass-guitar & vocals; Billy Vihill-bass; Leonard King-drums. Recorded at Studio A, Dearborn Heights, Michigan, April 28, 1993.

Year 1993

Various Artists
"Blues From the Heart" Vol.2 Benefit for the Detroit Autism Society

Garfield Blues Band featuring Garfield Angove-harmonica; Leonard King-drums & vocal; Paul Carey-guitar; John Fraga-bass; Leonard Moon-keyboard (plus other groups). Recorded live at the Soup Kitchen Saloon, Detroit, Michigan, October, 1993.

Year 1979

Lyman Woodard Organization "Don't Stop the Groove"
Corridor Records LWCD 31003-2

Lyman Woodard-organ; Leonard King-drums; Robert Lowe-guitar; Allan Barnes-tenor saxophone; Ron Jackson-trumpet. Recorded live at Cobb's Corner, Detroit, Michigan, January 26, 1979.

Year 1975

Lyman Woodard Organization "Saturday Night Special" Strata Records

Lyman Woodard-organ; Ron English-guitar & bass; Leonard King-drums & vocal; Lorenzo Brown-bongo drums & percussion; Charles Moore-triangle. Recorded November 26&27, 1973 in Detroit, Michigan at Strata Studio.

Year 1967

Leonard King and the Soul Messengers" "The Barracuda" Inferno Records 1003 (45-rpm)

Leonard King-drums; Gregory King-alto saxophone; Atiba King-cornet; Adelphia Hill-trumpet; George Rountree-electric harpsichord; Frank Garcia-bass; Recorded in June at Tera Shirma Studios, Detroit, Michigan.



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